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17 Responses to “Paul Wesley is officially on Team Stelijah and has the shirt to prove it.”

  1. Stefan Salvatore Stalker Sisters ( Beki ) says:

    YaY! im so glad everyone can enjoy this story as much as i do! When Cat told me i was so happy for her i teared up a little. i heart Cat she is so wonderful! im so greatful for Stefan Salvatore & TVD, if it wasnt for Stefan & TVD i would of never met dear Cat. Cat & i never met face to face before but she is like my best friend. we hope to finally meet in July 2013 in DFW at TVD Con. YaY! Paul Wesley! Hes So Super Dreamy! MWAH!
    Stefan Salvatore Stalker Sisters
    Til Stake Do Us Part

    • Catherine says:

      awwwww Beks you are so amazingly supportive!! SSSS TSDUP!! I’m thankful for you everyday! You always end my day with a “Dream of Stefan” pic & text & most nights..I do dream Stefan Dreams!! ;-) MWAH!

  2. Jamie Miller says:

    You lucky lucky girl!!!! So happy 4 ya that you lived “The Dream” =))

    • Catherine says:

      Jamie, next year my friend!! You will make it to a TVD Con!! Yet another friend I made because we share the same TVD obsession!!! XOXOXO Get a phone, you are killin’ me!! ;-) Team FaroutBarbie for Life!

  3. Lacey Pamer says:

    I open my Paul Wesley email and read this story and think, hmmm I think I read this elsewhere. Well I did, Cat told me about it, I still cannot believe she met him. She is one lucky girl!

    • Catherine says:

      My super sweet pal Lacey!! I am so lucky to have met such a fun, smart girl who shares my love for TVD & Harry Potter!! Thanks for leaving a comment!! You are awesome!!

  4. Maria Jackson says:

    It was great times. I was super excited to be there with Catherine. To see her face when she got to give him that shirt and when he laughed and hugged her was priceless. She was great keeping her cool til he left. Then she cried and danced. I loved her little “running man” happy dance…lol It was blast.

    • Catherine says:

      hahaha!! How perfect was that timing? It was crazy how it happened…I am so glad you are a smoker and that your smokes were in my car!!! LOL Everything lead up to that perfect moment…even where we parked. LOL Thanks for that trip it was a complete blast it was a much needed release!!! XOXO

  5. Stacey says:

    I love you Cat! I wish I could have been there to see that big grin that I know you had on that pretty face of yours.

  6. Catherine says:

    P.S. notice the “ab grab” my friends joke me about it & and me cheesing so hard you can barely see my eyes!! ;-) I figured, I may only get one shot to hug his bod I better make it count! ;-)

  7. Nicole Grant says:

    I so hate you. You Rock. This was a once in a life time experience. AWESOME.

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks for the LOVE!! lol No, you ROCK! If I never make it to another TVD con I am all set!! lol but let’s hope I make it to a few more ;-) Hope to meet up with you at one!

  8. Laura Williamson says:

    I am so happy for Catherine in having the opportunity to actually meet Paul and hand him a shirt that she personally made for him! Her story is so exciting to me as I am her besty for 30 years!!!! If it weren’t for her, I would have not gotten into TVD!!! I love the cast, show, and the fan love that they all show!! Thank God for their talent that ensures our new found obsession for Vampires, witches and werewolves…oh my! I love you Paul Wesley for making my besty the happiest girl in Virginia…which BTW you need to come do a convention here!!!!!! The Hampton Convention Center would be perfect :) …can’t blame a girl for trying to bring TVD closer to home base…VIRGINA!!! We can make our own Mystic Falls right here in the 757!

    • Catherine says:

      What can I say my BFF?!? 30 years & TVD revived our friendship…which is like a marriage, sometimes we get in a rut. TVD pulled us out of a rut and we are closer dare I say, because of TVD!! Next year we are going GOLD!! Better start saving up now!! I Love You! Thanks for the fantastic comment! I have my own little cheering section and it is AWESOME! ;-) XOXOXO Good job plugging the 757!! That would make since considering ahem, Mystic Falls…VA!!! :-)

  9. Lindsay says:

    I love it and of course love you…..I can totally see you giggling like crazy….and that image makes me happy : ) Cat you rock…and Beki…once you meet her in person your going to love her even more….you have made yourself a lifetime friend :)

    • Catherine says:

      awwwww Lindsay, that did it, I got a lump in my throat on that one. Thank you hun!! You are super amazing & such a wonderful friend!! Thanks for reading my “Paul Moment” & for the sweet comment! Love You!

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