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One Response to “Vampire Diaries Recap EP317 “Break on Through””

  1. NGTT says:

    Thanks so much for posting the recap. But most importantly, I cannot thank you enough for pointing out the not-sexy-at-all Damon/Rebekah/Sage scenes/story. OMG finally someone can see that. Seriously, it has to be the second worst thing in this ep (the first one being Bonnie/Abby’s boring storyline and B’s possible loveline with Jamie). Everyone else seems to go crazy about these so-called sexy scenes while I found it unpleasant and redundant (Sage and Damon in the shower). I also hated that they made sassy Rebekah turn into some needy lonely girl >”<. And just want to put it out there, I've never found Damon's dance to be anything sexy or even remotely interesting. I guess he's such a popular character that people try to make everything he does seem so special. It just looks so weird and boring to me.

    That aside, Paul Wesley is awesome as always, but like you said, this ep is Matt Davis'. Alaric's killer story is the most interesting recently.

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